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The Rooms

Lab Rooms. Physical spaces designed around experimentation & play. Powered by people who can accelerate and stimulate. We are reimagining our needs and notions of work. And one thing is for sure: dullness never inspired anyone. 

Creative and collaborative processes find better breeding ground in the right environment. That's why our spaces are especially designed to trigger the senses, boost the creativity and fuel the energy of you and your team. An experience unlike anything else. 

Our rooms are designed to

  1. Explore

    Spacious rooms, to look beyond borders and comfortzones

  2. Experiment

    Open spaces, to rapidly testing ideas to learning fast

  3. Play

    Inspiring places, to share insights and ideas, dream together and have fun

All our Lab Rooms are

  • Unique and informal 
  • Open & nonhierarchical 
  • Distraction free "pleasure cookers"   
  • Adjustable for working alone and/or together 
  • Designed for connection and sharing ideas 
  • Fully equiped to make ideas happen 

It's so much more fun to start doing!

Start doing it now. At Lab Rooms.

When you visit us you'll notice a different feeling permeating the room. This is a place, where creativity happens: ideas are implemented and become real products. A new breed of co-creators, a symbiosis of artists and corporate changemakers who join forces to make great ideas happen are enjoying new ways of working.

Room rent starts at € 995,-

Lab Rooms are designed for changemakers and enterprises joining forces for good. To create the world we want to live in. We love to open our doors to others, but availability can be limited.