Let’s make your idea fly

Let's make your idea fly within one day

  • Affordable

    Lab Rooms offers you your own fully functional agency for a day filled with multiple experts and professional facilities for low fixed prices.

  • Fast-effective

    Before you know it, you’ll walk out the door with a professional concept, business case, video, click demo or even digital prototype.

  • An extensive network of specialists

    From business strategists to multi-talented designers, whatever experts you need we will provide you with the best from our extended network of professionals.

  • You keep 100% ownership

    We at Lab Rooms have no intention to become or demand co-ownership and work with watertight non-disclosure agreements.

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Freek Boersma / Qrash

Boom...suddenly we had a perfect prototype in our hands.

When looking for a designer to build our Qrash app we came across Lab Rooms. Their specialists had some impressive ideas beforehand and proved to be an instant match.

During the whole process we co-created everything. From wireframe to look & feel to logo, you name it. We walked out with something to be extremely proud of. Thanks to everyone at Lab Rooms for making this happen.