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Walk it like you talk it


October 16

Femke Storm

As a company, our core value is to “get more done, with less pressure and more pleasure”. This means to reflect on what makes us get things done and what doesn’t. What affects us, both positively and negatively, and think of how we can try to optimize the way we work in and at Lab Rooms. Working more or just harder is never the answer. We believe that the state of mind we’re in, the place we’re at and the people we’re with affect the way we work most. So that’s why we want to find the answers to optimize our way of working and the way we help others work when they work with us.  

That’s why we talk the talk and walk the walk.  

Working in a pleasure cooker is embedded deeply into the Lab Rooms way of working—so much so that our team meets up regularly to do a Lab Room for Lab Rooms. With everybody working with different clients in Lab Rooms everyday a Lab Room for Lab Rooms is our moment to get together, to align, bond and kick start or kick finish our own projects. And yes we still start with meditation and intentions, even after so many Lab Rooms. It’s part of the magic.  

We have fun & become hyper productive  

Lab Rooms are the most productive days of the week. No scattered time, no distractions, no waiting for someone’s approval, no “sorry, he/she is in a Lab Room today”, just no excuses to do it. We plan those Lab Rooms very well, decide on the direction, have all involved colleagues clear their schedule (including the founders) co-work on projects and launch them on the end of the day. We’d like to keep you updated on Lab Rooms and share how we work ourselves.  

What did we do in the Innovate and Build Lab Rooms?  


  • Narrowed down from a dozen to four lab rooms  

BUILD Lab Room  

  • New product book  
  • New Website  

We just finished two Lab Rooms, an Innovate Lab Room and a Build Lab Room, and we did a lot. In the Innovate Lab Room we decided on the direction, and in an organically structured day we went through rapid research and testing and ultimately decided to ditch the dozens of Lab Rooms we were offering and decided on just four types of rooms. We launched the innovate, change, grow and build rooms.  

That meant big implications for our product book, the website and of course the actual Lab Rooms itself. So, we followed this day with a Build Lab Room where we became hyper productive. We created a new product book completely from scratch from design, to the copy, to the reviews. We also ordered a whole new line of Lab Rooms products to bring more spark to Lab Rooms sessions, build a new structure, including the design and copy for the website and launched it at the end of the day. 

We also: Experimented with healthy shots to kick start the day, worked our bodies out in the gym, danced to 90’s songs, decided to make “Lab Top stickers one day, laughed our heads off over nothing, “nailed” it, and ended with cocktails and white mamba’s.  

We align, both personally and professionally, prioritize, decide, tick boxes, laugh, dance, enjoy a delicious meal together, review, validate, create, launch and increase our productivity while having fun and engage as a team.  

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