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The Year is 2032


March 22

Martijn Boomsma

Once upon a time, in 2018, people used to work in offices. Behind desks and facing the same  colleagues. Every day they woke up 7 am sharp. Shower, breakfast, kids to school and commute  to work… at least if they were lucky…if not then traffic jams, broken trains… well, you know.

Finally at work, behind the desk… sitting for most of the day. Meetings, skype calls, more meetings. KPI, business cases, project
alignment. Busy busy… but did people get things done? Not really.

They had meetings about why they didn’t get things done, more meetings, postponed project launches and budgets ran out. Did they really learn from their mistakes? Was growing up and becoming more serious the solution? In 2018 they felt that change was in the air. 

Agile working methods started to work and companies began implementing self-steering teams and an honest constructive feedback culture. Big corporations were seeking entrepreneurs to collaborate. A new generation stood up. A generation that knows how to work together, who grew up with computers and the internet. That didn’t like to be told what to do but collaborated in
order to be successful.

Some even said that the Collaboration Revolution might have been bigger than the Industrial Revolution, but that could also be fake news. Globally people were brought together and working as high functioning teams. Cutting edge technology combined with fresh young tools slowly started pushing the old method to the side. Going to work no longer was about money (solely), but passion, creativity and ownership took the forefront. Employees became partners and partners became friends.
In this moment of change, Lab Rooms took root. It was then, Martijn Boomsma realised he could be part of the change. Even give it a direction.

Now, in 2032, you all know Lab Rooms as the global platform for bringing experts together. The platform that changed the meaning “pressure cooker” into “pleasure cooker”.  

The platform that gave teams and experts ownership of their ideas. The platform that
introduced Get It Done holidays, giving hard-working people the possibility to enjoy time with their own family AND get work things done.

But it all started 15 years ago, with an idea, some talented experts
and someone who said: “let’s start NOW”.