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The vision of Zorggroep Almere


July 6

Self-steering teams are popping up all over the world, within established big companies and in new innovative start-ups. Lab Rooms firmly believes in the benefits of such teamwork. Managerial control may have worked perfectly during the industrial revolution, but in these fast-paced times it’s often counterproductive and takes away the possibility to create ownership on projects.

We spoke with Wil van de Heijden, the project manager and lean consultant at Zorggroep Almere and participant of a Lab Room, about the importance of having a clear mission and vision. “We booked a Lab Room to define our team ambition and become a better self-steering team”. Wil’s team wants to position it’s BMO team better and define clear success factors in order to get an aligned direction of where the team is heading towards together. “We offer a wide range of care in Almere, and we have many different teams within Zorggroep Almere who interpret the organisation’s overarching vision either differently or not at all”.

Zorggroep Almere’s vision is to help everyone in need of care in its region. From general practitioners to physiotherapists, together they work hard every day, always remaining a stable and reliable partner, to make sure that the people of Almere get the best help.“Instead of being guided by the laws and regulations, we stay true to our vision.”

“As a team, you have to know how you can contribute to your company’s vision and we want to help these teams do that” Will explains. “But before we can, we need to know clearly what our owns team ambition is and what our roles are”. Inside the Lab Room they worked together with experienced facilitators, towards defining a clear teamwork structure and set up the first success factors; these are projects needed to make sure that the group achieves the desired outcome. When a couple of weeks later we’re on the phone talking with Will he explains their “We’re working hard on finishing the rest of our success factors and when ready for our next big step we’re planning on coming back for another day at Lab Rooms.”

“We aim to become the team that other teams come to whenever they have a question or are in need of help.”We, at Lab Rooms, are very excited about the journey of Zorggroep Almere and believe its extremely valuable what Wil’s team is doing. Even the groups that are caring for others, need some help themselves. And it’s great that the team that Wil is in took ownership of such an important task.