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Lab Rooms in Florence


June 11

Lab Rooms at Bed Talks Florence!

The Lab Rooms crew flew to Florence to participate at Bed Talks Florence. This event, with over 1800 visitors, organised by our partner The Student Hotel, is bringing together scientist, creatives, artist and entrepreneurs to literally talk on a bed... The talks are spontaneous, most of the time unprepared and have a common goal: to contribute to make the  world a better place. 

Martijn, CEO of Lab Rooms had a talk about making a VR documentary with Omar. Both committed to make another film. 

Home in Between

At Bed Talks we also organised a viewing of Home in Between, our VR docu film about Movement on The Ground and their campus in Lesvos.  We placed 6 VR sets in the middle of live vests that were actually used by refugees to cross the sea from Turkey to Greece. (check Home In Between website)

Spread the Love

We wouldn't be Lab Rooms if we didn't spread love.... our lead experience designer Grace together with Pam, copywriter, created a fun game: Spread the Love. Participants spread love with random acts of kindness. Each time they completed one of the tasks (sing a serenade, hug a stranger... etc) they marked it with a Pink Spread The Love sticker. The whole event was filled with people with pink stickers. The game was a great success and the winner received a nice magnum of Champagne.

Lab Rooms for Lab Rooms 

The next day we organised a pressure ( or better pleasure) cooker for ourselves. Working on the foundation of the new Lab Rooms website. And as always a good Lab Rooms ends with a BANG. We invited some nice guests from The Student Hotel and Collab Florentine and hosted an Italian dinner with live music.

Whats next?

At the end of summer 2018 Lab Rooms will be offering Lab Rooms Weekenders and 24 hour Lab Rooms at our new location in Florence. 

For more information check Stay the Night.