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How Intention Can Invigorate Your Lifestyle


July 22

Martijn Boomsma

How Intention Can Invigorate Your Lifestyle 

And... Wake-up Your inner Fat Cat

We are humans… evolved from “Homo Sapiens” to “Homo Sapiens in Chairs”. Spending your time sitting in important - or not - meetings, driving your car, and Ubering from here to there, it’s easy to forget about your body and the exercise it needs. Together with the luxury of today’s ready and easy access to food from all over the world, we’ve joined the club of fat cats, that might be oh so cute but rarely venture from their throne. 

Do More and Stress Less 

Lab Rooms is about changing the way we work. We speed up the creative process without adding pressure or stress. This is our specialty and besides our work, we also believe it’s about ourselves - and how intention defines the way we choose live. We’ve chosen to lead by example so you can experience the difference for yourself.

At Lab Rooms, we’ve introduced Lab Fitsies, sport sessions available twice a week on Monday and Friday from 4 pm till 5 pm. Our personal in-company trainer, Ad Overkleeft visits our office and kicks our ass. Everyone is encouraged to join in at their own level whether it’s boxing, cardio, fitness, or a bootcamp workout.

We don’t push our sports sessions, we simply make them available. People are welcome to come whenever they want. The way we see it, motivation is something to be inspired and can’t be forced. 

Working out with your co-workers is not only good for you - something you already know - but it’s also a lot of fun, perhaps the biggest motivator of all. 

Success Breeds Success

Since starting our sports sessions earlier this year, the number of participants has doubled and continues to grow by the week. And there’s a spin off effect as well - partners at home are getting moving, and we see more of our Lab Room clients joining a gym to keep the momentum rolling. Feeling good feels good.

We are convinced that by experiencing inspiration and plugging into the intention that comes with it, you can achieve anything. Feeling fit and healthy transforms the way we work and the lifestyle choices we make. Intention creates the dimension!