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Employee Engagement


September 18

Ashley Thompson

“Paychecks can’t buy passion.”~ Brad Federman

Employee engagement can mean different things to everyone. Just because your employee is enthusiastic at work doesn’t mean that they’re delivering at work, and employee satisfaction doesn’t equal employee engagement. What makes someone inspired and enthusiastic about working? How do they become so engaged in their work that they start the day bursting with energy?  What is the key to employee engagement? And why does it matter?  

It can be argued that engaged employees are what makes an organisation function. Employee engagement is the emotional commitment that the employee has to the organization and its goal. Think of it as the heart of the company. What drives its employees to really care about their work for their company? They don’t just work for a paycheck or the next promotion, but they work on behalf of the organization's goals.  

When employees care, they are engaged and use the effort that they want to use. They're immersed in the work they do and feel proud to be doing what they do.

Why does this matter?  

Engaged employees lead to better business outcomes. Period. People who are highly engaged at work not only provide greater value to the organisation, but they experience better quality of life at work. People also work in a state of flow when they feel engaged; time passes, they’re absorbed in their work, and they're enjoying it.

Engagement has huge benefits for productivity, since engaged employees are less likely to leave and further reduces loss of productivity, they also retain the knowledge and experience that are so critical for success. Organisations with high levels of employee engagement are more efficient and effective.  Highly engaged employees are a significant factor in the success of a business, while on the flip side, disengaged employees can radically affect a company’s profitability.  

Through employee engagement organisations can grow exponentially and increase profits by having employees who truly care about the goals of the company rather than feeling an obligation to do so. When employees relate to a company they are naturally more inclined to be productive and efficient. Through a truly engaged employee companies can grow at a more sustainable rate and have more productivity and efficiency. 

There is also a higher performance level since they are naturally more inclined to be productive and efficient. The positive effect of this is that they will often be the first to make suggestions for new ways of doing things, new product ideas, and in short, they tend to be the people that encourage innovation in the workplace, which in turn can lead to business growth and success.  

How do we do it?

During a Lab Rooms session, we measure engagement by making sure that there is communication and connection, while also empowering people with freedom to explore things they've never done before.  We create a positive energy in the room where everyone is working together and are focused on  the desired outcome. This snowballs into an original, innovative, fun, and successful day that allows everyone to feel fulfilled and get things done. 

The old way of managing top to bottom is over and now there is an emphasis on caring for people by making them feel happy through the power of connection and collaboration. Lab Rooms gives people a little more space and flexibility that gets everyone moving and feeling vigorous. After our Lab Room sessions we realized that people were more energized at the end of the day rather than at the beginning of the day, and the key to engagement is bringing the spark back again. 

With positivity, connection, and a little bit of hospitality we are able to have our participants become highly engaged during their workday in a Lab Room.