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Did you happen to catch our BNR commercial?


July 16

Martijn Boomsma

Did you happen to catch our BNR commercial? 

If you did, you might still be wondering what Lab Rooms is all about...

And that's why we're jumping in with this close-up on the Lab Rooms experience.

Great things can happen really fast! We've just built our Lab Rooms website in 5 Lab Room days, and it's looking awesome! But we're still in Bèta, so in the meantime... we want you to know what Lab Rooms is all about. Since explanation by means of an example works best, we'd like to share with you how we created that new website the Lab Rooms way. 

New sites eve 

Bright ideas can strike anywhere! We were recently in Florence, at our new and design-forward Lab Rooms location - The Student Hotel, (check it out online - it's stunning!  ) and we had the bright idea... how about a radio campaign with BNR? We were jazzed but knew that if we wanted to do that, we also needed a new website ASAP. Our previous website was built before we really started with Lab Rooms and it wasn't quite getting the right message across. We knew we had to double down and "walk it like you talk it", so we decided to book a Lab Room for ourselves to create a website that would make the impact we were looking for. 

Our 5-Day Lab Rooms Adventure

Day 1 – we shared intentions, aligned, agreed on the desired outcome and focused on User Experience, followed by Day 2 - doing fast-forward research and calling clients to find out about our strengths and weaknesses, along with the wireframes and a click demo. Day 3 - We started with the visual concept, and because Femke and Martijn, the founders of Lab Rooms and working together from the start - the collab on was swift and efficient. Days 4 and 5 were all about development. Using the Kentico cloud solution gave us the opportunity to build the backend of the website is less than a day, and connecting with Hubspot Sales CRM was done in a few hours. All right, that's pretty much what happened on the first five days, and we love our website. Next week, we booked a Lab Room to make improvements and quick fixes as the finishing touch. We've seen that booking Lab Rooms with a breather in between gives ideas time to grow and evolve further, optimizing the potential for excellence when you're building a website. 

(Please let us know if you have any bright ideas 😊)

Lab Rooms

Lab Rooms invites you to go beyond technical basics and dive into creativity. Check out our Find a Lab Room page, and you'll see what we mean. From The Wicked Idea option - where we will help you create powerful plans for ‘world domination' - to the Experience design Lab Rooms option where we get into the skin of your users (or soon to be users) and find out what moves them, how they react to your ideas and help create a user experience that makes them do, buy, like, share, and love what you want them to. Basically, Lab Rooms is a creative space where you work with two well trained and specialised Lab Rooms experts following our proven methodology that make sure you and your endeavour kick ass. Plus, we offer healthy and delicious food to keep you fueled along the way. And, there's a lot more that you've perhaps never even thought about. At Lab Rooms, we like surprises!

What can you expect?

It can be scary not knowing exactly what to expect, especially for managers. At Lab Rooms, we believe that working together from the first day and every step along the way is the core of what we do and helps prevents misunderstandings. So you won't be alone, you need your team: we've found that two, three, or four heads are so much better than one! 

‘Preparing' for innovation is like working in reverse. Innovation is more about insight discovered in the moment than foresight planned ahead. However, there is a place for preparation when you book at Lab Rooms. During the onboarding phase, there is plenty of room for your questions and taking the time to match just the right experts to forge a dream team for your Lab Rooms experience. We'll set you up with a team that will work harder, faster and way more productively than you can imagine… while having a lot of fun together.

We promise tangible results. Whether it's a Lab Rooms board, a click demo or a boost to your project, you will leave your Lab Room with exciting results, a full belly and renewed motivation for the rest of the year.

3 reasons why you should get in touch with us and book a Lab Room after your holidays…. 

Reason 1 : Team Building

After the summer holidays is a great time to get together with your team and reconnect. Instead of a dinner, paintball excursion or visit to an escape room, you could really get down to business and book a Lab Room. And, we are here to take care of all your needs with mindfulness moments, fine dining, and of course a program that excites and empowers your team to create and reach goals. We are ready for you. All you have to do is jump into a Lab Room and start making stuff happen. At the end of the day, you will be surprised and energised by everything you've accomplished and how much fun it was. 

Reason 2 : You are in a hurry

You want it all, and you want it now. There is no faster way than how we get things done in a Lab Room. Yes, that's a bold statement. 

Book a Build a Brand Lab Room to get your new strategy straight. Or, consider a Growth Hacking Lab Room to start improving your revenues now. 

Did you come up with a great new idea for a new service or product during your holiday? Book a Lab Room and get your plans quickly visualised, tested and prototyped. We make it super fast and super fun. 

And would you believe, we also do 24-hour Lab Rooms, where we work 24 hours straight with 2 teams in order to get your prototype up and running before you have breakfast.

Reason 3 : You had a great holiday, you’re well rested, and you are ready to innovate…now!

Innovation is something that's waiting to happen, but it's up to you to get the ball rolling, and that's our speciality. We know from experience that collaboration is key to creating the solutions you are looking for. We are here to help you take baby steps or giant leaps, but it all starts with you. Anytime is the right time to bring in your team, any outside specialists and join our Lab Room experts to start innovating your business today. 

With The Hunt Lab Room, we offer a fun and fast track program where you and your team attack your organisation, thinking of it as your ‘enemy' and discovering any weak spots during the morning session. In the afternoon, we work on solving problems, closing gaps and making a plan to strategise your potential. It's amazing what you can do in a day!