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A new era for WWF


July 6

It has only been six months, but a lot changed for WWF. Cynthia van Zwol, Senior Manager Communications and Campaigns at WWF and attendee of 3 Lab Rooms, talks to us about the big switch and the challenges they face(d).

In January WWF started a new way of working: the agile work method. What changes is that instead of having a traditional marketing and communication department, the organisation works now in small, diverse teams. A lot of the projects they’re doing in-house now, and with this new structure, it was a challenge to get everyone aligned and headed towards the same direction.

That’s where Lab Rooms came in the picture. “We decided to get everyone together in an entirely new environment for a day,” Cynthia says. “This way we can completely focus on aligning our goals, while facilitation, location and hospitality, are all taken care of”.

“As long as we truly take time to sit together for a day, we can achieve a lot more as a team than we like to believe.”

All Lab Rooms had a different challenge, but each Lab Room was booked to transform a vague idea into something tangible quickly. “Because of the facilitation tools and different setting, we can think out of the box and work focused together to get to the desired results”.

The very first challenge her team brought in was for Earth Hour. (read here more about this beautiful causeThe WWF team, together with 2 of our experts, set first the goals and then implemented the Double Diamond tool, to come up with the best ideas. “We still use the Double Diamond tool a lot within the organisation, since it allows us to think big first and gather lots of insights before we start getting to the best results”.

“It’s great that for a day, you get to work with people that have skills missing in your team.”

When we ask Cynthia about the results of the day she tells us: “although of course, the entire project didn’t finish in a single day, we formed a strong basis and clear roadmap to get this project rolling. Everyone was on the same page and knew which steps to take next”.

A few months later Grace, our Lead Experience Designer and the lead experts guiding the WWF Lab Room, sends a happy message right before her food got served and the lights went off. There she was having diner entirely in the dark, in a cosy restaurant in Amsterdam, supporting Earth Hour.

We believe that many more beautiful ideas like these can be executed if companies dare to trust their teams to take ownership and work in a new, more productive, innovative and agile way. — Lab Rooms