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A new era for WWF


July 6

Pam Boschma

Sweeping changes at WWF Netherlands called for a new way of thinking and working together... fast! That’s when their Senior Manager of Communications and Campaigns, Cynthia van Zwol, decided to try something new with her team - 3 days at Lab Rooms. Here’s what Cynthia had to say when we spoke with her recently.

WWF recently introduced the agile work method, shifting the focus from departments to working in small, blended teams across the organisation. Also, a lot more projects are now being done in-house. With this new structure and new way of working, the challenge was to get everyone aligned and moving in the same direction, and the biggest question was ‘where to begin?’

That’s where Lab Rooms came in the picture. “We decided to get everyone together in an entirely new environment for a day,” Cynthia explained. “This way we could completely focus on aligning our goals, while facilitation, location and hospitality, were all taken care of. When we truly took the time to sit together for Day 1 at Lab Rooms, we achieved a lot more as a team than we’d imagined possible.”

While each of the 3 Lab Rooms that Cynthia and her team attended targeted a different challenge, all were booked with the same goal - transforming vague ideas into something tangible - quickly. According to Cynthia, “Because of the facilitation tools and being in a different setting, we could think out of the box and work more closely and with more focus to get where we wanted to be”.

The very first challenge her team brought in was for the promotion of Earth Hour. (read more about this amazing action here) The WWF team, together with 2 Lab Rooms experts, first identified their goals and then implemented the Double Diamond tool to fine-tune their focus, harness their collective creativity and come up with the best ideas for success as they go forward. The Double Diamond is a powerful brainstorming model that turned out to be a bonus Lab Rooms take-away for Cynthia and her organisation. “We now use Double Diamond a lot within the organisation, since it allows us to think big first and gather lots of insights before we decide on options that would bring us the best results”. Double Diamond also incorporates input and output across disciplines, making it ideal for working with blended teams.

And something else that really made a difference for Cynthia was the support of our Lab Rooms experts specially chosen to work with her team. “It’s great that for a day, you get to work with people that have skills missing in your team.”

When we asked Cynthia how Day 1 went at Lab Rooms, this is what she told us. “Of course, the entire project wasn’t finished in a single day, but we were able to form a strong foundation and clear roadmap to get this project rolling. Everyone was on the same page and we knew which steps we needed to take next”.

That was exactly what we wanted to hear. Our ambition is to empower people and organizations, inspire creativity and ‘pump up the volume’ on success. At Lab Rooms, it’s all about where you’re going... and the best way to get there. We’re ready - bring it on!