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The Hunt

from € 2.895,-

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Yes, we can really do that in one day

  • Define your battle field
  • Uncover your enemies and allies
  • Discover the future for your company
  • Actionable steps to stay innovative
  • Discover how future proof you are
  • Bring an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Become adaptive to change

Will you be the hunter or will you be hunted?

How future proof are you? Will you be the hunter, or will you be hunted? Inside The Hunt Lab Room your team will discover all creatures that are hiding in the dark forest ready to take over and make you their pray. You don’t survive the jungle anymore by being the strongest, but by being the smartest and knowing who your enemies and allies are. Let your team be guided by 2 hunt experts in an intensive, interactive and fun way, making sure you get out safely with actionable plans to stay one step ahead.

from € 2.895,-

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Nobody knows your product, market and/or field better than you

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  • Strategist
  • Futurist
  • Facilitator
  • Experience Designer

How do we get this show on the road?

One Day Lab Room € 2.895,-
One Week Lab Room € 12.895,-
Extra guest € 100,- per day
Extra expert € 1000,- per day
  • 2 Lab Rooms experts for the day
  • Good food, drinks and healthy snacks
  • Mindfulness
  • 5 guests are included

all prices excluding VAT in accordance with Terms and Conditions