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Who are we?

We are a matrix of problem solvers, entrepreneurial thinkers and creative doers from diverse career backgrounds who came together to establish a space to work, experiment and create growth. This came to fruition when we noticed so many talented professionals inside our client's offices and decided to find a way to have them join forces with us. 

We believe that in the right space with the right people and the right purpose; Magic Happens. 

Lab Rooms are curated spaces for exploration, experimentation and growth. Each location is beautifully designed and each experience is wonderfully tailored to fit your needs. Our community of changemakers continually evolves and grows; born around the theory that placing multi-talented people in a stimulating and nurturing environment, gives them the space for fast problem solving and sublime creativity.

Join us! Combine our Lab Room Spaces, Methodologies and Experts to experience the full potential of working with Passion, Power and Performance.

The founders

Femke Storm Co-founder

Femke loves to find new & creative ways to empower people and teams to turn creative ideas into business. To get things done. Accelerate businesses and unlock teams' full potentials. Quickly. 

Martijn Boomsma Co-founder

Martijn is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse background in tech, film & app development. His passion now resides in helping companies and individuals find better ways of working together.

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